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The water of life – this sherbet has been bootleged by Irish monks, and at the time used as a life-prolonging and soothing remedy. Currently it stands for a complement to get-together meetings or lonely contemplations.

Especially for connoisseurs, Playhouse has a wide offer of single malt whisky. Luxuriate with the taste of this unique sherbet and feast Your eyes with women’s beauty – the perfect combination.

Ardbeg 10 yo
It had its debut in 2000. One of the best single malt whisky in the world. With its deep, peaty taste, is fulfills the fantasies of every connoisseur. Aged inside post - bourbon barrels. Cold - bottled with no filtration.

Talisker 10 yo
Known for its high peat content, this Scottish whisky ranks Top 10 since 2014 among the best worldwide sold single malt whisky. Smoky accents together with the rich taste of malt, spices and pepper make it a real titbit for fanciers.

Glenmorangie 10 yo
The most popular malt whisky in Scotland. Produced since 1843, it ripens in barrels made of American post – bourbon oak. Satisfactory item for the beginners. Notably balanced.

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