Polish vodka

Polish vodka is our one and only national global trademark. Poland is a home of vodka, and this information is confirmed by both historical and ethnographical research.

Over the centuries, vodka production in Poland has become a part of national tradition.

In Mexico, they have tequila. In France – cognac. On the Carribean – rum. And we have vodka, so… NA ZDROWIE!*



The water of life – this sherbet has been bootleged by Irish monks, and at the time used as a life-prolonging and soothing remedy.
Currently it stands for a complement to get-together meetings or lonely contemplations. Especially for connoisseurs, Playhouse has a wide offer of single malt whisky.
Luxuriate with the taste of this unique sherbet and feast Your eyes with women’s beauty – the perfect combination.


Commonly associated with celebration and luxury – exactly the same You can experience at Playhouse Gentleman’s Club.

Wide variety of sherbets straight from the northeast region of France will ensure an exquisite amusement.

An evening spent with a glass of champagne is a real quintessence of elegance.


Designed especially for extremely demanding smokers.

Our offer includes perfect compositions of various types of excellent tobacco to achieve maximum satisfaction as well as true sensation.

Classic and chic.

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All credit cards are accepted. Cash mashine is located inside the premise. For business clients we issue discrete invoices.

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